Thursday, April 17, 2014

Because I'm Worth It

Enjoy Essential is partnering up with two young women who have decided to run the San Francisco Nike Women's marathon this fall, and in order to do so, they will need to raise money for the charity of their choice. 

We have designed kids tees and women's tanks to support their cause, and all proceeds will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. 

Here is some info about Arianna and Jenn and how they encouraged each other to start running and training, and why:

Along with our decision to run came a decision to pick up a mantra. When we thought about why we were choosing to run we could have thought up a few different reasons; bonding, fitness, the Tiffanys necklace waiting for us at the end, to shed the final few baby pounds, but what seemed to hit home for both of us was "I'm worth it." Because we are. 
We deserve something that is good for us and makes us feel good, something that motivates us, a win. Everyone deserves a win, because we are all worth it. We also decided to take up a fundraising challenge to sweeten the deal. We both partnered with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, committing to raise money to fund research and for the care of patients and their families. Who is more worth it then people fighting cancer, their support systems, and the people fighting to find a cure. 

We are both personally connected to this cause with multiple family members that have survived blood cancers. If we are worth it, they are worth even more. Purchasing a shirt means that you are coming along with us for this crazy training, fundraising and racing journey. We so appreciate Enjoy Essential supporting us with this fundraiser. We look forward to seeing people sporting their new shirts and supporting a great cause as well!

Women's tanks and kids tees can be pre-ordered exclusively here, for only $15.99:

All profits will be donate to the charity and will sponsor Arianna and Jen running for the greater good. Grab a tank for you, a tee for your little one, and show the world you're worth it!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Workin On My Fitness

In reality, I love workout clothes. If it were socially acceptable, I would probably wear this outfit to work at least 4 days out of the week. I mentioned in my How To Be A Happier You post last week that I have pretty much been working out every day for the past month. Now that the weather is getting better I want to run outside more too.
But, I figure I need another cute outfit like this for motivation (because lets face it, I hate running outside). I have this outfit in a neon yellow, but I really want a pink one too. Under Armour tanks and shorts are my absoulte favorite. The tanks are so comfy and light weight. What is your favorite piece of workout gear?
tank | under armour
shorts | under armour
shoes | nike
hair ties | pink
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sequins & Starbucks Giveaway

Today I am hosting an Instagram GIVEAWAY sponsored by myself, hallie and samantha. Go visit our instagrams, follow along and repost to win!

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