Monday, July 28, 2014

Encouraging Your Friends

This past weekend was extremely busy and packed with friends and family. Friday night started with a College Life Leader Meeting. Some of you may not know, but Kevin and I volunteer with the college group at church. We have been having bible studies at our house all summer and helping run Sunday mornings. Anyways, we had a leader meeting Friday night specifically to encourage one another. A lot of us have been friends for a long time and hang out all week long, but one the guys came up with the idea to get together specifically to encourage one another. 

We started the night with dinner together and then filled out a "spiritual gift test"(you can print them out or take them online). A lot of us haven't ever taken one before, so it was really interesting to see the results. After everyone finished finding out their answers, we moved all of our chairs into a circle to talk. Next, we went around the room one by one and encouraged each other based upon our spiritual gift(s). 

I will say it was one of the coolest experiences I have had in a while. Literally, for 5+ hours we all sat in a circle and encouraged each other. There was laughter, tears and lots of fond memories shared. It really showed me that we tend to all get so busy in life that we don't take the time to really encourage the people around us. So, today, I challenge you to encourage everyone around you.

Saturday was a pretty busy day as well. My day started out with three great friends. We all got up early and went shopping together. It was such a fun time looking at house stuff and enjoying the beautiful day. The fun continued into the night when my cousin came in town with her two girls. We talked for a long time then went to dinner when Kevin got home from work. We had such a good night laughing at dinner. 

Then, Sunday was filled with church, Kevin working in the yard and spending time with my cousin and her family (which included a yummy dinner on the river walk). Overall, I had a busy weekend, not much sleep, lots of fun and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

What Should I Keep? (My 1st Stitch Fix)

Most of you are probably familiar with Stitch Fix. If you aren't, I will let you in on an awesome company. Basically, Stitch Fix delivers a personalized shopping experience right to your front door. You start by going to their website, filling out a style profile and then deciding on a delivery date. You then pay a $20 styling fee which will be applied as credit toward anything you keep from your shipment. Stitch Fix will send you 5 items of clothing or accessories (you can specify what you are wanting). Once you receive your shipment, you can try everything on in the comfort of your home, decide what you would like to keep and mail the rest back in a pre-paid envelope. 

Here we go, check out what was in my first box and let me know what you think I should keep: 
Shirley Lace Detail Knit Tank: When I first pulled this top out of the box, I thought it was completely not my style. However, it fit perfectly and when my husband got home, he loved it. It is also really comfortable and light material so perfect for hot Texas days.
Adanya Vneck Mixed Print Dress: Overall, this dress fit a little big and I'm not crazy about the print. I felt like it really didn't do anything for my figure.
Kahlo Embroidered Racerback Tank: I really loved the print of this top and the detail. The colors were also awesome for summer. The only thing I really didn't like about this top was the fit. From the side it stuck out and just wasn't flattering.
Andrea Abstract Print Linen Short: First off, I will apologize for the shirtless man in the back of the picture. My hubby really wanted in on my pictures, I'm kidding, he was doing intense watering and I didn't want to bug him. On another note, I hated these shorts. They were too tight for my liking and I really hated the print.
Maia Colorblock Maxi Dress: I really liked how soft this dress was, but I feel like the print made my hips look big and it kept falling down so it showed a little more cleavage than I am comfortable with most of the time.

Overall, I really loved my first experience with Stitch Fix. If you are interested, click this link to the Stitch Fix website and sign up for an account!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Canon Rebel T3i Giveaway

I just happen to get my very first DSLR camera this week and I am loving it! It came at a perfect time, because these 22 bloggers and I want to give you a chance to win one! How would you like to get your hands on a brand spankin' new Canon Rebel T3i? Yeah, we thought you might. Just use the Rafflecopter below to enter.

The giveaway will run from 12:00 am EST on July 24th until 11:59 pm EST on July 30th. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only–sorry international friends! Please be honest with your entries because no one likes a cheater. Good luck, and be sure to visit the other bloggers who helped bring you this opportunity and give them a big "THANKS!" :)

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